Homogenization Best Practices For Cannabis EGuide

March 7, 2023

Learn about the best practices for cannabis potency testing and quality control in our latest eguide.

As cannabis products become increasingly popular, producers face regulations and testing requirements for potency and quality. Homogenization offers a consistent and reliable method for grinding samples prior to extraction – from grinding cannabis flowers and edibles to cryo-milling gummies – but not all methods and equipment are created equal.

In our latest whitepaper, we explain the nuances of homogenization for cannabis products, best practices, common misconceptions, and the role of automation in homogenization.


  • The role that homogenization can play in cannabis testing
  • Best practices for the homogenization of cannabis samples
  • The value of automated homogenization
  • Common misconceptions around the homogenization of cannabis samples
  • Types of homogenizers


Homogenization is the process of reducing a substance, such as cannabis, down to fine, evenly-sized particles. Consistency is critical when testing the chemical makeup of cannabis products, and the right homogenization method will offer insight into the sample's quality and potency.

States across the U.S. have different regulations and requirements; labs that perform testing for various states will therefore need to prevent cross-contamination of samples. Methods such as coffee grinders, pestles, milling machines, or cryo-grinders are often inconsistent in their results and pose high contamination risks. In contrast, automated homogenizers provide a contamination-free alternative to other, less homogenous methods of grinding or milling.

To learn more about best practices – including our Best Practices Checklist – read the full whitepaper: Homogenization Best Practices in the Cannabis Industry.


The right homogenization process will yield a reproducible result – and a safer product due to more accurate testing results. Various homogenizer equipment is available for cannabis samples, including handheld rotor-stator homogenizers, bead mills (with optional cryo milling unit), ultrasonic homogenizers (sonicators), and automated homogenizers.

The right homogenizer for your lab will depend on the volume and type of product you are processing, among other variables. To learn more about finding the right homogenizer for your cannabis testing, contact the homogenizing experts at OMNI International – ask about our demo program. You can also send us a sample, and we’ll process it at no charge, then provide you with a full report complete with photographs.

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